Bagby Airfield Clubhouse Development

Revised Proposals

In 2008 the Airfield submitted a planning application to Hambleton DC to both modernize the facilities at the Airfield and diversify the commercial activities of the Airfield. The application caused great concern within the local community and the Airfield owner, Martin Scott, decided to withdraw the application and commission a revised proposal balancing the views of the objectors and the commercial needs of the business.

Statement from Martin Scott

"I was very disappointed with the outcome of our initial application. I don't believe we got over to the public what our real intentions were and I believe we were misrepresented at times which didn't help of course."

"These new proposals have been designed to take into account many of the valid concerns raised during the last process and I sincerely hope that everyone will see their merits."

The revised proposals have now been submitted to Hambleton DC as a new planning application. The underlying objectives of the original applicaton have been adopted and these are at the core of the new designs. In short they are:

How have the plans changed?

The new proposals have removed commercial activities which would overly affect activity at the Airfield. The main protaganists were the spa and function room facilities and these have therefore been dropped from the new plans. Similarly the restaurant facility has been reduced in size allowing sufficient covers for resident and member usage.

To reduce the visual impact of the new clubhouse the top floor has been removed resulting in an appearance of a single storey clubhouse with small control tower. With limited negative feedback on the hangarage proposals no changes have been made in this regard. Full details of the new proposals, how these have changed and the application are provided by these web pages.

Feedback and consultation

Significant feedback was received during the 2008 application process and hopefully many of the valid concerns raised have been dealt with. Further consultation was sought with the group calling itself Action4Refusal during the redesign process but this was refused on the basis of "legal advice".

If you wish to provide further feedback then please use the feedback form to let us know your thoughts.