Bagby Airfield Clubhouse Development

Changes in the Proposals

Following extensive consultation on the application submitted in 2008 the owner of Bagby Airfield, Martin Scott, commissioned a revised proposal which sought to account for the most significant and valid concerns raised during that process. The key changes are highlighted below.

Reduced Height

The new design for the clubhouse reduces the height of the building by removing the top floor. A small control tower remains at that level. The previous design incorporated restaurant, bar and kitchens at top floor level and these have been reduced in size and incorporated into the ground floor allowing for a more Airfield compatible design.

Elevations - original and revised

Removal of Health Spa and Pool

The original design incorporated a health spa with pool, sauna and treatment rooms. These have been removed from the new proposals. The previous ground floor plan also incorporated a double function room which has now been replaced by the restaurant, bar and members area which have been moved from the top floor.

Plans - original and revised


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