Bagby Airfield Clubhouse Development


The existing hangarage incorporates a variety of designs including buildings reminiscent of a shanty town. The timber hangar known as the 'Pig Barn' is a classic example of poor design that results in inefficient storage of existing aitrcraft.

The Shanty Town - Dilapidated Hangarage

Existing dilapidated hangarage

This aircraft's owner has to move 3 to get his out

Inside the Pig Barn this aircraft's owner has to move 3 others to get his out

Modernizing the hangarage will improve visual amenity on the Airfield and create significantly improved ergonomic layouts meaning that pilots should, in most circumstances, have to move a maximum of one aircraft to get their own out.

As part of the development the existing hangarage which is to be retained will be repainted to reduce its visual impact and to add to the uniform nature of the design.

The revised hangarage is designed to accommodate 44 aircraft in just under 3900 m2 of space. At less than 100 m2 per aircraft this is still less than the optimum amount of space per aircraft used by other airfields. With the Airfield being home to 45 aircraft at present this means that the majority will be now be allocated hangarage space.

The remaining 402 m2 of the maintenance bulding is to be used by the existing resident maintenance business.

Proposed Design

The proposed design is based on those hangars that are to be retained with steel framed structures clad in coloured steel sheeting. The proposed profile is currently sinusoidal (corrugated) as this suggests vernacular agricultural buildings rather than industrial. It is anticipated that Charcoal Grey sheets will provide the optimal reduction in visual impact.

You can see the proposed hangar design for units I, J, F, G and H on this hangar plan.

The maintenance hangar design is detailed on this plan.


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