Bagby Airfield Clubhouse Development


The proposed redevelopment of the Airfield offers a great opportunity for landscaping improvements by way of landscape restoration with such a restoration having an emphasis on historical field patterns relative to the existing settlement of Bagby.

New hedgerows and woodland will be planted creating sheltered environments for passive enjoyment and walking by patrons and others. These will also create biodiversity by supporting a wider range of flora and fauna.

Full details of the proposals can be seen in the Landscape Report.

The revised landscape showing the tree planting and creation of meadows

The proposed plan shows the hedge and tree planting and the new access road

Parterres will be created next to the car park area comprising herbaceous plants and shrubs and brightly coloured flowers. To the south west of the car park we will see the introduction of further parterres and to the north nearer the access road a reed bed will be created. This will be used to take drained water from a Klargester which will then be discharged as filtered water into the existing adjacent ditch.


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