Bagby Airfield Clubhouse Development

The Development Proposals

The existing facilities at Bagby Airfield are dilapidated and an eye sore. Their state of repair is not only out of character for the area but they also give rise to safety concerns and create inefficient use of resources. It was this need for modernization that underpins the whole development process.

The Airfield Today

Dilapidated and dangerous hangarage

Some of the dilapidated hangars are reminiscent of shanty towns.

The existing clubhouse and control tower. Enough said.

The current development proposals firstly seek to create uniform hangarage that will blend into the countryside on the furthest perimeter of the Airfield. Whilst the overall floor space of the hangarage will modestly increase, the overall capacity of the hangarage is targeted at 44 aircraft with improved layout and ergonomics. There are currently 45 aircraft resident at the Airfield.

The second key aspect of the development is the creation of a new clubhouse. The owner's brief to the design team was to create an innovative design which was suited to the open landscape, compatible with traditional Airfield buildings and cutting edge in terms of sustainability.

The facilities within the new clubhouse will mirror existing facilities with the exception of the 18 rooms of accommodation now included within the proposals. The accommodation is seen as a necessary part of securing the commercial viability of the Airfield and reducing it's need to further increase air traffic at the Airfield by promoting fuel sales. It is complimentary to the existing operations and facilities.

The final aspect of the development is the creation of a new 'maintenance hangar'. This comprises a standard hangarage element facing towards the village of Bagby and a replacement maintenance unit facing away from the village. The size of the new maintenance unit will allow for all maintenance operations to take place within the unit itself rather than overflowing outside as is the case at present.

The design propsals are covered fully in the Design and Access Statement.


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