Bagby Airfield Clubhouse Development

Rammed Earth

Rammed earth is an ancient construction process that meets positive sustainability targets. There are many notable long standing structures around the world constructed out of rammed earth including much of the Great Wall of China.

It's sustainability is achieved from its constituents and the source thereof. More traditional construction methods include cement as a stabilizer which is responsible for 10% of man made carbon emissions. Rammed earth does not contain cement and for the Bagby Airfield project the majority of materials for the rammed earth will be sourced from the site itself. A professor from Bath University has been involved with assessing the sites suitability for the rammed earth construction.

Rammed earth on the Eden Project

The final colour and texture of the rammed earth walls will be affected by the material mix chosen for it and any additional aggregates chosen to complete the ingredients. Sample panels will be constructed and allowed to weather prior to the commencement of production to ensure the right combination is adopted.


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